Vittorio is the name Gino Palma Esposito chose for this restaurant. Vittorio was the name of Gino’s father and it is also the name of his son. In remembrance of his father, and as a tribute to his son, he named the restaurant Vittorio.

Gino came from Napoli to the United Sates 16 years ago, at age 19 with only $100 in his pocket. He started working as dishwasher in an Italian restaurant in Pennsylvania and with a lot of hard work learned the language and the business and made his way up. After only two years he was a share owner of Squisito, a famous Italian Restaurant chain he founded with three other partners and in the year 2008 he owned 4 different Italian Restaurants, Pasta Blitz, Squisito, Mamma Italia, Pasta Nostra. Two years ago, a big turning point in Gino’s career, he decided to sell his shares and with the money he received from the sale to create something more close to the Italian taste and built his own restaurant called FACCI. FACCI was a big bet for Gino but he really believed in it from the start. Who would have ever thought to start an high-end Italian restaurant in a suburb of Washington DC? Gino did and he his bet paid off.

FACCI gained accolades from the press, Washington DC magazine, Baltimore Sun, Washingtonian, Wine Spectator, and most importantly from his loyal customers who fill up the restaurant every day.

Vittorio is another authentic, fresh food restaurant where the searches for quality products are the main goal. Gino knows that if his customers have a great experience ever they will continue to return again and again.

Today, Gino manages both restaurants making sure the food and the service are impeccable.

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